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Samsung Galaxy S7 hardware will come to the DragonBoard 820c computer

The DragonBoard 820c PC, which has the Snapdragon 820 chip, could be accessible soon

Meet DragonBoard 820c, a supercharged board PC that will make Raspberry Pi 3 resemble a turtle.

Android OS PC and depends on segments in premium cell phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The board is presently recorded on the site of Arrow Electronics yet isn’t monetarily accessible up until this point. The cost isn’t accessible.

The board has Qualcomm’s 820 chip, which is utilized as a part of some premium cell phones today. Qualcomm as of late declared the Snapdragon 835, which succeeds the 820 and 821 chips, and the following round of premium cell phones with the new chip will be reported in the coming months.

Details indicate the DragonBoard 820c board being quick, bragging an extensive variety of remote components, and supporting 4K illustrations. The board could be utilized to grow effective robots, automatons and keen gadgets.

It additionally has 32GB of blaze stockpiling, which is extensive for a board PC. By correlation, the Raspberry Pi 3 has no capacity, and a top of the line Intel Joule 570x board has just 16GB of capacity.

The huge contrast might be the cost. While the Raspberry Pi is valued at $35, the DragonBoard 820c might be a great deal more costly. The Snapdragon 820 isn’t modest thinking of it as is just utilized as a part of premium handsets and tablets.

Bolt’s site says the DragonBoard 820c, for the present, will be good just with Android. Be that as it may, directions on the best way to stack Debian are given on the site of 96boards.

The DragonBoard 820c could be an all the more capable form of the well known DragonBoard 410c, which bolsters Android, Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core.

The board could eventually get Windows 10 IoT Core support and connection to Microsoft’s Azure cloud benefit.

Other DragonBoard 820c elements incorporate 3GB LPDDR4 memory, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, GPS, Bluetooth 4.1 and gigabit ethernet.

It runs an Adreno 530 GPU that can bolster 4K video catch. It additionally underpins 4K playback at 30 outlines for each second. High-determination cameras with resolutions up to 28-megapixels can likewise be connected to the camera.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 has coordinated LTE, however that component isn’t accessible on the board.

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