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Sennheiser’s New Orpheus

sennheiser orpheus
sennheiser orpheus

Sennheiser‘s new Orpheus headphones cost $55,000

Named after Sennheiser‘s industry-changing 1991 model, the new Orpheus has a considerable yet exquisite base, high quality from lavishly veined Carrara marble. Produced using such a thick shake, the sound framework measures an astounding 60 pounds, making the extravagant thing unreasonable for travel. “The properties of the marble ideally secure the enhancer’s center and its interesting optics and structure transforms every Orpheus into an individual show-stopper,” Sennheiser‘s Maurice Quarré said in an announcement.

An exceptionally complex show-stopper, that is. The outline group fastidiously chose the majority of the 6,000 or more parts of the framework, highlights of which incorporate chrome covered metal controls and quartz globules. The sculptural center additionally gives a glass-encased alcove to the earphones themselves, which highlight certifiable cowhide containers, gold-vaporized artistic terminals, and element platinum-vaporized stomachs—all of which help with giving an unparalleled listening background. The organization’s CEO, Andreas Sennheiser, said that the Orpheus “remains for the creative abilities of our organization and the joint responsibility of our workforce to the quest for impeccable sound.”

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